Cannabis Imagery

Maximize your marketing potential with incredible HD image work. It's no secret that better photography generates more sales. Show your clients just who your brand is with lifestyle imagery that elevates and transforms your products. 

My job as a cannabis focused content creator is to do my part to de-stigmatize the negative connotations surrounding cannabis culture, and to do my part to work towards restorative justice for those who have and continue to suffer from bad and inherently racist policies created in direct correlation to The War on Drugs. I donate a portion of all of my cannabis-related imagework profits to The Last Prisioner Project. When you work with me, know that representation matters. 

How does a cannabis business become and remain successful?

They utilize advertising, social media, and business-to-business networking to get their products seen on a larger scale.

How do I implement the above so my brand thrives?

High quality image work. 

Gain access to:

-DSLR Photography

-Royalty Free Limited Use License

-Professional Editing

-Digital, Hi-Res Imagery

-My network of Cannabis friendly Michigan models

-10+ years of photographic excellence

-5+ years of working cannabis knowledge

Investments starting at $199

Contact me for inquiries about your brand, product, shop, editorial, grow, or lifestyle shoot today!
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