Important Updates

In order to keep providing you with quality, expert photo services and products, we have made some important changes. We will no longer be distributing digital files. 

But Kendalyn, Why? 

Most people don’t have access to a high quality, professional grade lab so they have an inexperienced image processor like a local drugstore processing these images. They are often disappointed when the images come back from places like these and images don’t look the same as they did when they were looking at their gallery. When you let me handle the printing of all of your images, we guarantee that everything will be perfect. You come to me because you trust our expertise here at Kendalyn Liebzeit Imagery. 

But I want digital files!

Not to worry! We still have ways to get you digital versions of your images! When you invest in my photo services, you get a custom movie of all of your images for free!

But I want to share my images on Facebook!

I totally get that! When you make an investment in photography, you should want to display it proudly in your home or your office, not have the digital images tucked away in a file folder on your computer never to see the light of day. I understand the desire to share your beautiful work with friends & family, which is why we give you a Facebook size image of everything you purchase so you can post them wherever you want!

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